The Top Five Reasons to Study Computer Animation

Computer animation degree

Animation — especially computer animation — is all around us. From the movies we watch to advertisements and graphics, much of our visual media is centered upon 3D computer animation.

If you are considering a major in computer animation, there are a large number of great reasons to enter this exciting and dynamic field. Just take a look!

Here are the top five reasons why you should consider studying 3D computer animation at digital media arts colleges and computer animation colleges:

1. Animation is a lucrative career path: When choosing what you want to study, you’re likely factoring in the average salary of a graduate of your major. 3D computer animation graduates earn a healthy salary — in 2012, the median yearly earnings for animators was $61,370. By studying animation, you can feel confident that you’ll be able to live a comfortable lifestyle after you graduate.

2. The 3D computer animation industry is thriving: Computer animation programs are great at preparing you for the animation industry, which is constantly growing. Film studios are always increasing their budgets for animated films, which are consistent box-office smashes. There is no shortage of jobs available for talented 3D computer animation graduates.

3. Computer animators have a wide range of job options: As a computer animator, you can do a number of different things. In addition to simply being an animator, you will have the skills to work as a lighting specialist, texture artist, CG programmer, technical or even art director.

4. 3D computer animation engages your artistic and technical talents: If you are gifted both artistically and technologically, you are unique, and studying computer animation will allow you to exercise your creativity and prowess with technology. You’ll never have a boring moment with this career.

5. A job in computer animation is fulfilling: One of the best perks of working in 3D computer animation is getting to see your hard work in the world around you. Whether you contributed to special effects in a big-budget Hollywood film or if you helped animate a TV commercial, the knowledge that people everywhere are viewing and appreciating your work is incredibly fulfilling. Read this for more:

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