The Best All-Natural Solutions to Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The best collagen cream

Americans are becoming increasingly aware of their health, and — for that reason — they are largely preferring natural methods of staying young and healthy. Skincare is no exception. Naturally eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, for example, is far superior to applying chemical-packed lotions day in and day out, or choosing something even more serious and harmful, such as Botox injections or surgery. What are the best natural ways to achieve healthy, glowing skin?

Exercise Will Help You Look Years Younger

Hitting the gym can actually help you look younger. According to a new study published in Canadian journal Counsel and Heal, exercising a minimum of four to five times a week can significantly impact the composition of your skin. Seniors who exercise regularly had skin similar in make up to that of 20 and 30 year olds. This even worked retroactively. In other words, even if seniors started exercising at 65, they still reaped the benefits.

Select From The Best Collagen Face Creams

“Wrinkles are the result of a loss of collagen, the main structural protein of the skin. As you age, the body begins to produce less of it, which keeps skin from being as firm as it was when you were younger,” ABC News reveals. For that reason, all natural skincare products containing peptides work best. The best collagen face creams, and other natural collagen products, use peptides to naturally stimulate the production of collagen. Ultimately, restoring collagen production firms up skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Don’t Become A Shut-In, But Stay Out Of The Sun

Spending too much time in the sun or artificial tanning can do a great deal of harm to skin. Remember, too much tanning will accelerate the formation of wrinkles. Avoid spending long hours in the sun, and — if you must — wear sunscreen lotion and reapply as necessary.

You can best improve the appearance of your skin, and you can do it all naturally, too. Limit sun exposure, use only the best college and face creams, and exercise for youthful, glowing skin. Read more.

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