What You Should Really Know About Implicit Bias Awareness Training

Implicit bias, as illustrated in the video, “Implicit Bias | Concepts Unwrapped,” is a form of discrimination that is subconscious and not visible on the surface. It’s a bias that individuals acquire through societal stereotypes and repeated exposure to media (TV, movies, news) messages.

An implicit bias awareness training is a process that helps people recognize implicit biases and develop strategies for dealing with them. The training process is crucial because it puts individuals in the right mindset to think about how they want to live and how they want to function in the environment.

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For example, implicit bias awareness training could help people become less racist, homophobic, or ignorant. The awareness training is also helpful to individuals in thinking about what it means for a person to treat other people as equals.

The purpose of the training is to enlighten individuals about their biases toward certain groups of people. The training is intended to help people recognize the adverse effects that their own implicit biases will have on them and others if they continue with behaviors that discriminate against other groups of people.

It is also intended to get individuals to question their actions and to begin thinking of ways that they can change their way of thinking to be a more effective and productive members of society. The training should motivate people to consider how their personal biases affect their decisions, how they perceive others, and their relationships with others.

The training is typically facilitated by a trained employee or professional who will be able to address questions about biases as well as provide various strategies for individuals who wish to identify and change their implicit biases.


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