Active Kids are Healthy Kids!

Mommy and me exercise classes

Lately, the quality of elementary education in the United States has a become a top priority, which may be why so many parents are seeking out summer school activities for kids in order to enrich their offspring. However, with the obesity epidemic being what it is, it is important to focus not just on brain development, but on physical activity as well. The Centers for Disease Control has established that in order to combat childhood obesity, kids should spend an average of 60 minutes each day being physically active. This can be partially accomplished vis a vis playing on playgrounds and attending dance classes 3 or more times per week. It is important that summer school activities for kids include designated periods during which such activities can take place.

Strong summer school activities for kids must not only incorporate children learning activities, but outdoor summer activities for kids that stress exercise. This is especially crucial when one considers that just 18.5% of United States girls and 34.6% of boys are physically active on a daily basis, according to the CDC. These percentages could be greatly increased if there were a greater emphasis on organized summer fun activities for kids within enrichment programs.

For smaller children, exercise is equally important, which is why it is a good idea for kids who are not old enough to attend enrichment programs to attend toddler tumbling classes or toddler swimming classes. Another method of keeping toddlers active is to sign them up for Mommmy and Me classes. These classes are known to encourage cognitive and physical development and to promote bonding between parents and children. There is even some evidence suggesting that toddlers who participate in Mommy and Me type programs go on to excel later on when they join summer school activities for kids in elementary and middle school.

For both toddlers and older children, physical activity plays a significant role in overall health and well being. Exercise should be a key component of programs providing summer school activities for kids, as well as classes for toddlers. Whether you are signing up your older children for summer school activities for kids, or your little ones for toddler classes, make sure that physical fitness is emphasized.
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