Caregiver Training Transferring From A Bed To A Wheelchair

If you’re in the business of caregiving, the learning curve can be quite steep. There are many things to keep in mind when you’re caring for someone older. That’s why when you’re first getting into the caregiver service industry, it’s important to learn as many things as you can about caring for someone and one of those things is how to transfer someone from a bed to a wheelchair.

This is important because every single morning, a resident may need to be transferred from their bed to their wheelchair not only safely, but quickly.

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The first step is to make sure your surroundings are clear of any obstacles. The last thing you would want is to trip and fall with the person in your arms. Once you’re sure your surroundings are clear, make sure you grab the resident firmly in a cradled position. This ensures that they are being held firmly without the chance of a limb or body part grazing anything during the transition. During the process, it’s important to take it slowly. Although you may need to be quick, when holding the person in your arms there is no reason to rush that process.

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