How To Make Money From Minecraft

make money hosting a Minecraft server

Minecraft is arguably one of the most successful games of all time that allows one to learn how to code with Minecraft, and has recorded some of the most incredible statistics in gaming history. People like the game because it provides an opportunity to make money and learn coding through Minecraft. While the number of active players keeps fluctuating, Minecraft had more than 141 million monthly active users as of August 2021. In 2020, Minecraft was the most-watched topic on YouTube with over a billion views. This implies that many people are still spending more time in Minecraft, making it a suitable avenue for making extra money, especially by establishing a server hosting company. The amount of money you can make as a Minecraft server company owner varies based on several variables. The variables include good Minecraft server hosting, the number of players you have on your servers, the amount of money you charge per player, and the cost of your server. Also, the number of add-ons, plugins, and mods available on your server and the things you’re upselling, down selling, or side selling will determine how much money you make. You can improve customer experience by showing clients how to become a Minecraft streamer or how to play real Minecraft for free to attract more customers. Nevertheless, running the business is costly because it’s not cheap to host or maintain many servers. The expenses include professional construction, website development, plugin development, and advertising. New expenses will also emerge unexpectedly from time to time, adding up to the monthly expenses. Running a successful Minecraft server company will enable you to take care of these expenses and still make a profit. Set up a Minecraft server company by following the guidelines discussed here.

Minecraft is undoubtedly the most popular video game of all time, an empire focused on creativity, exploration, and unique socialization. If you’re a massive fan of the game and want to get in on the considerable cash flow centered around the game, it is crucial to know how to make money hosting a Minecraft server.

This process is one that just about anybody can get into if they understand how to set up a Minecraft server and attract people to it. Just like with the game itself, creativity and engagement are critical. You’ll be trying to bring in numerous gamers, just like you, to get them engaged with what your server has to offer.

Step One: Set Up Your Minecraft Server Hosting Company

Trying to make money with a Minecraft Server hosting company requires you to spend a little money and time setting up your server and creating a worthwhile draw for potential gamers. The amount of money you spend will vary according to your server and your business needs, so be ready to work.

First, you’ll need to choose an office that makes sense for your needs. While you can easily host a Minecraft server from your home office or bedroom, you may want an office where you can operate. You’ll also need specialized servers that can host a more significant number of individuals.

In some cases, you may need to contact a new construction firm to help set up your office. These experts will work with you to expand the office or even create an addition to your home that lets you host your Minecraft business. Whatever direction you take, you need to stay focused.

For example, an excellent electrical company can help you set up the wiring and internet connections you need to keep your business running smoothly. We strongly suggest strong fiber optic cables and the fastest internet you can find to get the best results for your needs.

Now, it is time to create a business name, logo, and brand that makes sense for your server’s needs. Next, examine the various server options and try to pitch your new server to fill a gap within the Minecraft world. For example, you can create a server that emulates a pop-culture world, such as the Marvel Universe, and focuses on its fans.

Next, if you want to make money hosting a Minecraft server, you need to create a unique world in which your customers can play. At this point, you can either sit down and design the world yourself or seek out professionals Minecraft experts to hire to handle this process for you.

Step Two: Create the Unique Minecraft Server World

Now, it is time to set up your Minecraft server by contacting a website hosting company and producing a site that can draw in potential customers. Next, buy the highest-quality server equipment, including the fastest modems, and create a server in your home or office where you can start building your game world.

If you aren’t sure about handling this process, contact your internet providers to learn more about their fastest business internet options. You want to find an option that can handle hundreds, if not thousands, of potential gamers at a time. You may need more than one physical server in this situation.

And make sure you also contact computer technical support about this process to prevent any confusion or mistakes that could impact how well your server works. Finally, once you feel comfortable with the quality of your servers, hire a team of creatives to craft the Minecraft world for your gamers.

If you want to make money hosting a Minecraft server, you need to make sure that your game world is fascinating, engaging, and unique. The world should be extensive, detailed, and offer many fun and engaging environments in which your players can play and have fun.

For instance, you can create a one-to-one recreation of a popular video game level, sprawling recreation of a fantasy realm, or PvP (player versus player) matches similar to the popular battle royale games like Fortnite. In this way, you can engage with your customers and satisfy their needs.

As importantly, you need to make sure that your world feels like a place they want to be and allow them to change and tweak it as needed. Minecraft taps into the creative potential of all of its players. And if you let them explore and create, you will make money hosting a Minecraft server.

That said, before you start, it is a good idea to understand just how much money you can charge to thrive and avoid losing cash. This balance is a tough one and will be the hardest in the earliest stages of the process, requiring a lot of careful research to minimize your losses.

Step Three: Knowing What to Charge for Server Access

The most challenging aspect of learning how to make money hosting a Minecraft server is knowing how much to charge to your many customers. Mojang (the company that created Minecraft that is now a subsidiary of Microsoft) allows server owners to set whatever cost they want to customers.

However, they demand that all server hosts charge a flat fee for their customers. In other words, you cannot charge one set of customers one payment and then ask for another from a different group. The idea here is to create a flat and level playing ground with no “pay to win” dynamics.

From a gaming perspective, this is an incredibly fair approach. It allows players to enjoy the game even if they don’t have a lot of money to spend to thrive. However, this choice does limit business opportunities and may require you to find many software development jobs to keep your business afloat.

Or you can simply balance how much your charge is based on your business model and what you expect from the community. There are several considerations that you should take into account before you set up your pricing. Just a few of these factors include:

  • Server Limitations – What kind of server did you set up, and how many people can it host at once? The better your server, the more money you’ll spend, but the more people you’ll be able to host. Considerations like these are essential to take into account when creating your pricing.
  • Business Overhead – How much are you paying to keep your server operational, and how much do you pay your team to create and maintain the world? If you’re doing everything yourself, your overhead is much lower, but the quality may suffer. So make sure you make enough money to stay afloat.
  • Branding – Do you want to create a server that is welcoming to everybody and which has a reputation of including more people into their servers? Or do you want a “luxury” server that is designed for higher-quality content? Branding yourself properly will help dictate how much you spend.
  • World Size – If you want to spend the time to craft an engaging world with a lot of unique content, you can charge more money. Your customers will appreciate having an expansive environment to enjoy and will be more than willing to spend a little bit of money on buying into your server.
  • Mini-Game Implementation – Minecraft has many mini-game options that you can integrate into your server. You can also create new mini-games with your world creators to attract the attention of more customers and thrive in ways that you may not have expected otherwise.
  • Available Development Land – Your Minecraft world will have a lot of digital real estate that your customers can use to develop fascinating worlds and environments. Try to produce as much property as possible to make it easier for them to engage with your server.

What are a few specific fee levels that will make money hosting a Minecraft server? Some people charge as little as $5 a month for server access, though this is often for lower-level accounts. These servers are often more ways for fans to hang out together and create an entirely new world.

More detailed and crafted servers may charge up to $20-30 per month, depending on the number of customers and the world’s quality. How much money does this equate to on an average server? Let’s say you have just 1,000 active players who pay for your monthly service.

With the fees mentioned above, that’s between $5,000 to $30,000 per month in potential profits. But don’t get too excited just yet! You’ll also have to pay costs like server fees, specialized internet hosting, and pay the salaries of anybody who may work for you crafting your world.

And you’ll also be paying marketing fees, website hosting costs, and much more. So there’s a careful balance here, one that requires constant adjustment. Remember – you’re not likely to get 1,000 gamers right out of the gate or may get a rotating number of players depending on your server quality.

Step Four: Creating a Loyal Fanbase

If you want to make money hosting a Minecraft server, you need to create a loyal fanbase that will willingly pay money to play on your server. Remember – there are many free servers available, and many clever Minecraft players set up servers themselves to play for free.

In this environment, what can you do to thrive and survive? Offering new and entertaining play options will help draw more people into your world and make it worth playing. For example, we’ve continually emphasized creating a unique world that makes people feel integrated and engaged.

Thankfully, there are many ways that you can make your server stand out and engage a broad audience base. It is critical to follow all of these steps to ensure that your team is adequately prepared for the unique challenges that this provides. Just a few steps to take include how you can:

  • Design Fun “Escape Room” Scenarios – Escape rooms are trendy around the world, and creating a digital version will stretch your players’ imaginations and make your server more fun.
  • Host Streaming Sessions – Minecraft is very popular as a “streaming” game, meaning players watch others play. Try to create fun and engaging sessions that appeal to those on your server.
  • Create Big Events – Try to bring in fun in-world events, such as musical concerts, battle royale situations, massive quests, and anything else that keeps your players engaged.
  • Money-Making Incentives – Give your players the chance to earn cash rewards playing, such as winning one of the many events you host to keep them having fun.
  • Market Your Operation – Produce social media accounts that continually promote your business and reach out to potential customers in fun and engaging ways.

When you follow these steps, you are more likely to make money hosting a Minecraft server and thrive. But, just as importantly, you can have more fun by giving yourself the chance to enjoy the game on a level that makes sense for your needs as both a business person and a player.

Never forget that, though, that this is a business first and foremost. Even if you’re having fun with players from around the world, you are trying to make money hosting a Minecraft server. And you need to focus your servers in ways that make sense and provide the fun needed for this situation.

So if you’re ready to start to make money hosting a Minecraft server, it is a good idea to get started as soon as possible. This game world remains incredibly popular and will likely stay so for a very long time. So tap into the potential that this game has to offer and make the kind of money you deserve. And don’t forget to have fun on your server, too. If you jump in on games, you’ll get a better understanding of what your server has to offer and how it differs from others like it on the market.

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