How To Open a Locked Car Door Without a Key

Have you been locked out of your car? This is an extremely common issue for people around the world, and the first thing you think to do would be to call a locksmith. This is going to be the person that has the tools to help you get your car back. In this video, we see a very interesting tactic that an auto locksmith uses to get into this car. What car locksmiths do is get the door open just a little bit to be able to get the door open even further. They usually use a door wedge which is a common tool for locksmiths to have.

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Once the door is wedged open, the next step is to get small airbags in the gaps of the door. This allows you to open the door even further once you inflate the bags. The last thing that a locksmith uses here is a long-armed tool that is specific for opening car doors. It has angles and bends in just the right places so that you can either click the unlock button on the door or pull the inside handle of the door.

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