Dirty Tricks of the Bail Bond Industry

If someone you love has been arrested, you might be wondering about bail and the process of bonding out of jail. Read on for important information about bail.

What does it mean to bail out of jail?

When someone says that they bailed out of jail, what they mean is that they paid the required bond and have therefore been permitted to leave jail.

Are there bail bond resources available?

Yes. Reach out to a reputable local bondsman for help posting a loved one’s bond.

Bail decision is made at what stage of the court process?

Bail decisions are usually made after arrest but before any other court appearances. Attorneys can request further bail hearings at any point during a case’s progression.

What happens during bail hearing cases?

During a bail hearing, a judge or magistrate determines what the amount should be for a given defendant. These decisions are guided by statutes that advise judges on what considerations they may take into consideration when setting bail.

What are the bail conditions for common assault?

The bail conditions for common assault vary by jurisdiction. Speak with your loved one’s attorney for more information.

The last thing anyone wants is to end up in jail. It’s a process that can take you away from your loved ones and make it difficult to get a job once you’re out. What most people will do is actually go to one of the many bail bond companies out there and get out of jail during the waiting period till their case comes up. The thing is though, there are many bail bond agencies that will keep secrets from you so that they make the most money, and here is a couple of them.

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The first thing a bail bondsman can’t do is threaten you with jail time. The bond company actually cannot throw you in jail for any reason. When the bondsman calls wondering where their money is, all they can do is tell you that you are late on your payment. Once that is over, a bondsman needs to hire a bounty hunter to represent them in the legal proceeding of catching the client. This is only the first of many things a bond company will do to try to force you to do what they say to get the most in terms of payments.

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