Collagen Benefits More Than Just Your Face

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The natural health benefits of collagen go far beyond simply the ways collagen benefits skin. Certainly, the skin benefits are a major importance, but collagen also plays an important role elsewhere in your body.

Before we discuss the other advantages, we will focus on the skin. Collagen forms the framework for your skin, which means it is responsible for the skin’s strength and elasticity. Your natural collagen supply is what keeps your skin looking young and fresh. However, with age, the body’s natural supply of collagen begins to decrease. In fact, starting at age 18, collagen production decreases 1% each year.

Unfortunately, this collagen breakdown leads to fine lines and wrinkles and sagging skin. So what can you do to fight this collagen breakdown? Well, there are a number of different collagen skin products on the market. There are collagen injections, collagen creams, and collagen supplements. You can choose any of these options that work for you.

Many people use these injections to fill the fine lines and wrinkles on their faces. However, they can also be used to fill small scars like those resulting from acne. There are many collagen creams on the market, some of which serve as great moisturizers, others can actually help boost the body’s supply of collagen. Collagen supplements are what really take advantage of collagen’s benefits for the whole body, as they are able to spread collagen around, benefiting inside and out.

The natural health benefits of collagen extend to the bones as well. In fact, the bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments all contain collagen, which helps keep them stronger, and helps them heal faster.

Believe it or not, even our hair and nails benefit from collagen. Collagen helps our hair grown thicker and stronger, which helps it avoid breakage and grown longer. Collagen also does much the same for our fingernails and toenails, helping to make them thicker and stronger.

Collagen also helps the skin in some unexpected ways. Collagen is a crucial component to the healing process. So when you have a cut or a burn, applying a cream that contains collagen will help to heal your wound a little faster.

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