Parody Twitter Account Offers Hilarious Take on Modern Day Cares

Private day care

Raising children in our current society is no easy task. And for many working parents, this challenge is only further compounded by the question of how to find a daycare that meshes with their lifestyle. Now, a Los Angeles comedian is offering a hilarious take on this aspect of modern parenting through a parody Twitter account. Ladies and Gentlemen, moms and dads, welcome to Los Feliz Day Care.

CBS Los Angeles and the Huffington Post report that the Twitter account is the brainchild of comedy screenwriter Jason Shapiro, perhaps best known for his work on Parks and Recreation. While not a parent himself, Shapiro says he was inspired by his co-workers’ stories about their kids and childcare options for working parents in LA, which famously come with a number of ludicrous requirements. The result is a fictional account of a private day care center, which features mentions of strange diets, acupuncture, home brewing and more, offering a unique take on the questions of how to find a daycare and properly care for a child. Read on for a sample of Shapiro’s tweets!

On October 21, 2014, Shapiro tweeted:
“New parents: please do not dress your child in the color red. We feel that its energy is too violent for our community.”

On October 15, he issued this mandate:
“Very important that all yogurt coming through these doors is goat yogurt. That’s the yogurt our school community feels most comfortable with.”

On September 8, the fictional day care providers shared their thoughts on toddlers’ musical taste:
“We’re empowering the new students by letting them choose nap music. After three days of “All About That Bass” we’re going back to ambient noise.”

On July 21, the hammer of justice was swift:
“We have finally identified the family that brought the hot dogs to the LFDC BBQ. Swift action is being taken and we’re sending letters home.”

On the 19th of October, the day care had visitors:
“Someone left the shed open and now we have skunks living in our cider press. Please explain that we can’t name them.
That’s not for us to do. ”

And on July 10, someone’s child became a little difficult:
“Stellan demanded 2 Thai iced tea pops because he’s a “viral sensation.” If his moms are reading this, please call. And take down that video.”

So far, Shapiro has around 10,000 followers and says he receives a few emails every week from parents trying to find a daycare; sometimes, he says he even receives angry tweets regarding Los Feliz’s Daycare’s satirical anti-immunization stance. But Shapiro says his intent is comedic: while the account might be a nice break for parents trying to figure out how to find a daycare, Los Feliz Day Care is meant to push boundaries and broaden minds in a humorous way. And with the challenges of choosing childcare, that might be exactly what a lot of parents need. Visit here for more information.

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