Autism Does NOT Equate to a Poor Education

School for children with learning disabilities

If you are looking for a special needs school for your autistic child, you have more options than you think. Many parents worry about isolating their child in special needs schools and special education programs with children who are just like their son or daughter.

Their concerns stem from not giving their children a chance to interact with students who do not have the same diagnosis. Some educators agree that these worries are valid, saying that if autistic children are exposed to a general education setting, they may be able to pick up on behaviors that can help them better handle social situations.

There is ample help for children with autism in general education schools as well. Many schools have classrooms that are dedicated to working with special needs students, and can be a great fit for a child who needs the lower student to teacher ratio, but also enjoys interacting with other peers in more social activities, such as gym, or recess.

If you don’t like this idea though, you could also try to get your child into a school that offers inclusion programs. These classrooms are taught by either one or two teachers who specialize in both general and special education. In some models, one teacher can offer help for children with autism or other disabilities, while the other works with the remainder of the classroom. When there is only one teacher in the room, he or she will likely be certified in both special and general education.

You can push for your child to have an individualized education program (IEP), too. This is essentially a legal document that details how a teacher is going to meet the needs of a student. The IEP is reviewed at least once a year, and adjustments are made according to the student’s progress and performance.

A classroom teacher must implement the IEP, which is usually put together by special education experts, parents, and support staff. If not, he or she could face legal action, so you can rest assured that your child would get a high quality education.

It is natural to feel concerned that your child won’t get all the supports he or she needs, but special education has grown leaps and bounds over the years. As long as you ask the right questions and advocate for your child, you will be able to secure a lifetime of academic success for him or her. Read more about this topic at this link:

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