The Advantages of Onsite Childcare Services For Employees, Their Children, and Employers Like You

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Are you one of the nation’s employers with onsite childcare? If not, it could be time to make the switch and offer childcare in the workplace. Why is this such a vital service? Simply put, employees need affordable corporate childcare solutions now more than ever. Although providing onsite private day care could sound like an unnecessary expense for a business, it actually has several benefits for you, your employees, and your employees’ children. Take a look below to learn about these advantages.

For employees
Employees are more likely to want to work for employers with onsite childcare. Why? It’s essentially a one-stop drive for them, so they can arrive to work right on time with minimal inconveniences. The switch to onsite day care could also give employees a better opinion of a company, which can increase morale and productivity during the day. This saves them money on finding more “creative” solutions to childcare, such as using multiple sitters or, in the event of an emergency, having to take time off from work. The cost of putting two children in childcare in the U.S. exceeds the national median for yearly rent costs in each state, so anything that helps parents with savings can have enormous benefits on how employees view their jobs.

For employees’ children
Children, especially those who are under five, benefit significantly from daycare and early childhood education. By age three, a child’s brain has developed around 1,000 trillion connection between the cells in the brain — twice as many as the average adult. The average four-year-old will ask over 400 questions a day, so it’s important that these growing children have the resources they need to begin learning and socializing as soon as possible. This can make your employees’ lives a bit easier when dealing with children outside of work hours.

For you
It’s typical for employers with onsite childcare to subsidize those day care costs for parents — or even pay for them completely. However, there are plenty of ways employers benefit. Remember, parents with daycare options at work can have greater productivity and a higher opinion about their workplace. In order to recruit talent, the benefit of onsite childcare can attract potential employees. Onsite childcare can also help retain employees, as it’s a fairly competitive attraction in terms of employee benefits.

If you would like to begin offering this service to your employees, talk with a daycare provider to see how you can start an onsite daycare at your business. You can also leave a comment below.

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