What Is Collagen, and Why Is It Giving You Wrinkles?

Collagen lip cream

Bad news, a natural protein called collagen starts decreasing as early as 18 in men and women — and it is this protein that keeps skin taut and promotes elasticity. In other words, as this protein goes, you’re going to see more wrinkles. There is something you can do about it, however — and you can even address the problem in safe, all natural ways. Here are three, natural tricks to age-defying skin.

Fewer Wrinkles: Yet Another Reason To Hit The Gym?

According to a Canadian study published in the medical journal Counsel and Heal, regular exercise can actually make you look years younger. In the study, as long as participants over 65 exercised a minimum of four times per week, their skin more closely resembled 20 and 30 year olds in composition! Previously sedentary seniors who took up exercising later in life, despite what you may expect, also experienced these benefits.

Choose Only The Best Collagen Face Creams

What is the best way to combat collagen slowly leaking out of our system (or, more realistically, our bodies producing less and less of it over the years)? Face cream collagen and other natural collagen skincare products contain chemicals called peptides that ultimately stimulate the production of collagen — and naturally, too.

If You Know What’s Good For You, You’ll Stay Out Of The Sun

Finally, too much sun exposure will make wrinkles and fine lines worse — and even accelerate the development of new ones. (Keep in mind that skin cancer should also be one of your top concerns!) If you are going to spend the day in the sun or a day at the beach, carefully apply sunscreen lotion with a clearly labelled SPF. Remember, tanning oils contain very low SPFs — or sometimes no protection from the sun’s rays at all.

Look and feel great naturally. Exercise your way to younger skin, and use face cream collagen to help reverse the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Find more on this topic here.

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