Why More Colleges and Universities Should Be Fostering Adult Education

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Everyone can agree that a college degree is important for most people to get ahead in life. It’s statistically proven that college grads receive higher salaries, assume positions of greater responsibility and prestige, and have full-time jobs. Yet, for some, undergraduate studies and further higher education isn’t possible until later in life. They may be asked to provide for their families, have started a family, or not have had the finances to pursue a college education until later in life. Luckily, there are plenty of colleges who now offer online degrees or provide ways for working parents and everyone else to get the college education they want. Whether it’s a medical laboratory science masters degree, a master of business administration degree, or even just finishing undergrad, there’s a way for everyone to get a college education.
Okay, But How Important is College Really?
In terms of money, a Pew Research report, conducted in 2012, showed that workers who had at least an undergraduate degree made around $45,500 every year — those who only had some college education made around $30,000 and those with a high school diploma only made around $28,000 per year. Research also suggests that not going to college — though it might save you some money in the long run — will actually end up costing you around a half million dollars, when you think about the higher salary you could earn with a college degree. The average college graduate earns a little under $33 per hour and they make around 98% more an hour on average than their peers without a college degree.
A college degree might also be able to offer you more job security — in 2013, almost 90% of millennials who were college-educated had full time jobs. Additionally, having a college degree is almost expected in this day and age, and people may treat you differently if they hear you don’t have one. It’s no surprise that over 80% of college attendees say that their college degree has paid off in the long run.
I Have No Time and Money to Further My Education!
If you’re a working parent, and are looking to get your master’s — say a medical laboratory science masters or your MBA — the idea of going back to school can be daunting. Childcare is expensive, even when you’re working. Many schools recognize that it’s tough for parents to pursue their dreams, and offer scholarships that will help cover tuition and books. Some might even offer childcare as part of their package, as well as night or weekend classes, for flexibility. If the college or university is near public transportation, they might also offer free shuttle buses or ways for individuals without a car to reach the campus. Don’t let excuses get int he way of getting your medical laboratory science masters or the psychology degree you’ve always wanted! There are solutions and many admissions offices are ready to help!
Why Should I Want to Go Back to College as an Adult?
Some might be afraid of returning to a college campus as a parent or just as an older-than-average student. However, there are more and more “nontraditional” students in college campuses, eager to learn and advance their education. Having a degree, such as a medical laboratory science masters, or some advanced business know-how can help you pursue the dreams you’ve always harbored. Wanted to start your own business? Get your MBA! Interested in pursuing a new job after the kids are grown? Here’s your chance to get up to speed on what’s happening in that field!
You’ll have much more pull if you have a degree backing up your qualifications and the blend of hands-on, practical knowledge and text learning in the classroom can make a powerful combination. This is your time to seize your dreams and make them happen.
Don’t be afraid to go back to school. Pursue the education you deserve — there are plenty of colleges and universities out there ready to help make that dream a reality. With some research and planning, you could be joining a new class of college graduates.

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