Stay Cool and Stay in School

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Middle school is a huge step for kids. Preschool and elementary school is a whole different world that is much more protected and sheltered. Middle school is when kids are really trying to find themselves and figure out who they are and who they want to be. It can be a difficult transition but if they can survive middle school without too many battle wounds and scars, then high school won’t be nearly as hard. Here are a few tips for surviving that in between time of life known as middle school.

Stay Out of Trouble
I’m sure you’ve heard your parents tell you to stay out of trouble. This is how you do it: know the rules and obey this. This is easier than it sounds. However, if you study the rules and make sure you know them, it’ll make it easier. Lots of kids get into trouble for breaking rules that they didn’t even know about. This can make teachers dislike you or make yourself out to be a troublemaker which will make those few years even harder. Even when your friends break the rules, be a leader and walk away instead of following them headlong into trouble. You don’t have to be a teacher’s pet but try to stay in the good books, at least.

Stay Away from Drama and Gossip.
Girls in particular like to stir up malicious rumors about the people in the school. Try and ignore rumors and don’t pass them on. They will only ruin friendships, make enemies, hurt people and make your experience worse. Gossip may be fun at first but it can only end in disaster. Stand up for people instead of talking about them and protect their privacy. If you constantly have to talk about other people’s lives, chances are, yours is pretty boring.

Get Involved in Activities
Join some sort of extra curricular activity; athletics, art, music- whatever you are interested in. It’s a great way to keep busy during lunch times and after school so that you aren’t tempted to get into any kind of trouble making. Idle hands make room for trouble so keep yourself busy and involved and you’ll have an easier time staying good.

Don’t Harm Yourself
Drugs, choking games, drinking etc are going to become increasingly popular as you get older and it’s important to stay away from those things. If you find yourself drawn to self harm, reach out to your teacher or school counselor. They’ll be able to help you figure out and overcome this obstacles in your life.

Aim for the Honors Program
If you have a goal, it’ll be easier to recognize when something is trouble or not. Just look at it from the eyes of your goal. Ask yourself, “will doing this get me closer to my goal or further from it?” That will help you be objective regarding the decisions that you have to make while you are in middle school.

Make the Right Friends
This is most kids’ biggest downfall. Having friends that get you in trouble or try and make you do bad things are not a good idea. They will be a bad influence on your resolve to do good through school.

Focus on Schoolwork
If you can get your head down and focus on your work then you will have a better time through school. It’s easier to take out of the gossip mills and the trouble making during class if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing: your schoolwork. This will not only help you to stay well behaved but it will put you in your teacher’s good books and also help you to get good grades.

Don’t Think About Relationships
Everyone around is probably talking about girlfriends and boyfriends and you may even find yourself wanting one. However, relationships are stressful and difficult and get in the way of more important things right now, like school. If you want to flirt and have crushes, that’s fine but stay single and focus your attention on learning thing, making friends and having fun. You can have all the relationships you want later in life after you get out of school.

If you can follow these tips then you will find middle school a lot easier to get through.

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