What Will a Medical Detox Program Look Like?

The video talks about rapid detox centers and how a medical detox process would work. A medical detox process uses certain medications to help individuals to overcome their drug or alcohol addictions. For example, someone who has an opiate addiction will most likely be given Subutex to assist with the withdrawal stage. A person who has an alcohol addiction issue or a problem with benzos would probably get Ativan to help with their withdrawal processes.

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The items are usually placed on the patient’s taper. However, not every person who comes to the facility gets put on a taper. Someone who has a cocaine problem might just need the stabilization services more than anything else, for example. That patient may have rapid shifts in mood during the withdrawal process. In those situations, the patients may receive comfort medication and an additional mood stabilizer to assist during the transition of withdrawal.

Muscle relaxers and medications such as clonidine may be used to assist someone who has a long-term alcohol addiction. These items alleviate withdrawal symptoms like tremors and back pains. Each new client is handled by the staff on a case-by-case basis. Treatment that is best for one person may not be the best solution for a different individual.

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