Looking At Roof Issues From Storm Damage

Storms are frightening, but the real terror lies in the damage they do to your roof. Homeowner’s insurance does not always pay for roofs damaged by storms. McAllen Valley Roofing Company lists what you need to know about roofs hit by storm damage.

High winds can remove shingles or the flashing around a chimney.

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If you have a leak after a major windstorm, chances are the flashing is loose. When the flashing is loose, it creates big gaps where water can get through. If you lose a couple of shingles after a storm, you most likely will not have leaks. However, if a whole section comes off, it needs replacing. Otherwise, your roof may start leaking when the next big storm hits.

Debris blown by high winds can slam into your roof and cause damage. This damage can range from a lot of broken shingles, splitting a pipe jack, or causing gaping holes in your roof. The most common type of debris that causes roof damage is tree branches. Other types of debris can include shingles from your neighbor’s house, satellite dishes, TV antennas, hail, nails, masonry, or other building materials loosened from one part of your roof that falls onto another part.

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