What to Know About Divorce Law

This video provides some straightforward tips for people who need to hire divorce lawyers for their cases. It tells prospective clients what they should look for when seeking an attorney to help them with their divorce. It also talks about some of the questions a prospective client should ask.

An interested person should ask the lawyer if they practice family law exclusively.

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That will give the prospective client an idea of the attorney’s skill level in the area. Sometimes it’s better to hire someone who only works in one field because the related skills are more honed than those of providers who split their time among several fields of service.

The retainer is an important fee, and a prospective client should ask about that as well. Knowing what the retainer is will help the prospective patient to narrow down his or her choices. Another attorney may have a lower retainer that the person can handle. The prospective client should also inquire about billing rates and hourly rates to gain a full understanding of what will happen as the case progresses. Asking the prospective law firm about its percentage of case wins is another practice that an interested party should partake in.

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