The Different Solutions for Hair Loss

This video discusses some of the top solutions for hair loss. Hair loss can be a devastating condition that affects self-esteem. An individual who suffers from hair loss can choose to go a natural route to try to regrow hair, or the person can choose something like FUE transplants.

Natural methods for growing hair may include using creams and shampoos that promote growth.

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The individual should search for products that have follicle-nourishing foods in them. Getting up to par on one’s intake of vitamins and minerals can also help someone boost hair growth. Vitamins E, C, A, and D are examples of vitamins that may help someone to regrow lost hair. Collagen is another item that might help someone to sprout some new hair.

A transplant involves removing hair from the donor region of someone’s head and placing it where the balding has occurred. In an FUT transplant, the doctor removes one area of hair from the donor region. In an FUE transplant, the surgeon removes one hair follicle at a time using a special tool. Both strategies can provide the person with natural hair that can restore his or her self-confidence and shave a few years off that person’s appearance.

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