What to Expect at Alcohol Rehab

Have you ever wondered what a typical day in an alcohol rehabilitation facility is like? This video gives some insight into it. You can get a sense of what you or a loved one will go through in alcohol rehab. The narrator is a nurse practitioner in such a center. The first thing she points out is that rehab is very structured.

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The structure is needed because patients tend not to have any at all in their lives. There is a 7-day schedule. Every day starts with the patient getting up and having their vital signs taken. They will then eat, take their medication, and be given an opportunity to speak to a nurse. EKGs and urine drug screens are administered daily to determine how each person is coping and physically responding to the rehab.

After these basic tasks, the patient begins a series of hourly group therapy sessions. Some of these are didactic. They provide patients with the tools they need to recover emotionally from their addiction. There are also process groups where they share with their peers the struggles they have had. As the nurse says, people turn to drugs and alcohol to feel better. The goal of rehab is to show them that there are healthier ways to do so. Now you know what to expect in alcohol rehab.


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