Looking for Multiplayer-Friendly Minecraft Modpacks?

To play Minecraft with friends, you first need remote access to servers. After they’re in, then what? Below is a list of Minecraft modpacks that are multiplayer-friendly and ensured to make the game much more fun!

Starting off the list strong is “Block Front”, where you and your friends get to fight in a Minecraft rendition of world war II. It may seem daunting, but your task is simply to stay alive and to keep your friends alive.

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If this seems too challenging, this next one might be for you. “All the Mods 7” has hundreds of new blocks to build with and has exciting new animals added like raccoons and elephants for you and your friends to interact with.

The modpack “Mineshafts and Monsters” is a good mix between the two above. It holds hundreds of new structures to explore, quests to complete, and offers a level of danger that normal Minecraft can’t quite beat. This modpack is great for those friend groups who love to adventure around their Minecraft world.

There are hundreds of modpacks for you and your friends to explore in the world of Minecraft. Some are even free! Add them today to spice up your game with your friends.


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