What is Water Well Drilling?

Drilling a hole into the ground in order to extract a natural resource, usually, groundwater or petroleum is known as well drilling. Wells have been in use for generations and are a main source of water for many regions. Well drilling is also used to monitor and evaluate the subsurface and to detect any issues that may need to be addressed.

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For a long period of history, rotary drill bits have been used to dig pits, but these were dug by hand long before the drill was introduced.

The goal of any well drilling company is to drill and maintain water clean and safe water supply to the community that they serve. A drill well is made of a hole that is bored into the ground and then lined with a casing. The drilling is done using a drilling machine that is used at the construction site to complete the drilling process. There are many different methods that can be used to make sure that the well is drilled deeply enough and is structurally sound. When the well is successfully drilled it will be pumped to get the well going and to figure out how much water or other substance will be able to be extracted. This is a process known as “development.” Finally, the water is tested to be sure that it is clean and safe.


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