What Is the Process of Resurfacing Concrete Floors?

Resurfacing is an excellent way to get old concrete floors looking good as new. To get started, you can watch the video, Resurfacing Concrete Floors With A Self-Leveling Skim Coat. It offers advice on the steps you should take and mistakes to avoid.

Video Source

Not all old concrete needs replacement; a simple resurfacing can have it looking good as new. Here are the basic steps;
• Clean The Concrete: Many particles, algae, and dirt get stuck in concrete. Be sure to clean it up before beginning the resurfacing. A power washer would work best.
• Patching: Old concrete floors often have cracks and holes. Fill up every crevice. Be sure to smooth them out with a trowel.
• Spreading: After patching, the surface is leveled and ready for resurfacing. Prepare the resurfacer and spread it across the floor as quickly as possible.
• Even Out With Trowel: Move a trowel over the covered surface for an even spread. Ensure the resurface spreads evenly across the floor for full coverage, then let it dry.
Wrapping Up
Be sure to find out what types of resurfacing there are and select the one you like best.

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