What Does the Process of an Emergency Tree Removal Look Like?

When you notice a tree in your yard leaning closer to your kitchen window, it might be time to remove it. The last thing you want to deal with is roof, wall, or foundation damage caused by a dying tree. So what do you expect from the emergency tree removal team? Read on and check out the visual illustration of the process on the link above to find out.
When the team of emergency tree removal experts arrives at your property, they assess the situation and then recommend the best solution.

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The arborist will then cut the lower branches because they are heavier than the higher ones. Then they will carefully cut off the branches hanging over the roof.
To ensure that the branches don’t damage your property as they fall, the arborist will tie a rope around one end of the branches and wrap the other end to a trunk at ground level. The arborist will work with one or two other tree removal experts to carefully unwrap the rope around the trunk as they lower the branches to the ground. The arborist will cut the trunk into small pieces and then uproot the stump.
Check out the visual illustration of the process.

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