What are Wood Pallets?

Pallets used for shipping crates are very useful for industrial companies. A majority of United States packaged products are shipped on wood pallets at 95%. 92% of those pallets are made from wood.

Pallets can be made from hard or soft wood and have a few different types. Grade One pallets have good, clean stringers.

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Cracked wood panels will be replaced to keep the best skid pallet in good repair. The number of boards can vary from seven to nine. Grace Two pallets replace their stringers by filling the cracks or breaks with a block inside the pallet. The new piece will be nailed in place and this will result in a double stringer.

Choosing the right pallet for your container crates is important. This can make or break your shipping practices. Partial four-way pallets and full four-way pallets have different applications. The four-way pallets have more stability because they have a top and bottom row. The two-way pallets (or wood skids) have no bottom board and are useful for having more mobility. You can move either of these by using a forklift, front loader, or jacking device. Be sure to choose the right pallet for your business.

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