How Hermetic Sealing Works

It is important to have a strong, connected hermetic seal to make sure that electrical connections are safely done. 3,000 volts of electricity can be produced from just a spark of static electricity. Safe connections will make sure that no electricity sparks unwittingly.

You want to smooth and shave down the metal parts to make sure there is a complete fit between parts. The hermetic electrical feedthrough (electrical conductor) is one of the most important pieces to fit your pieces with. You will cut your solid copper wire to fit the pieces.

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Sand them to remove oxidation and bond properly. You might want to add some electrical insulation to any exposed copper wires. Leaving them uninsulated leaves the risk of a short circuit occurring.

Your seal should fit with your threading connectors perfectly as well. Soldering these parts firmly in place will ensure a well-done hermetic seal. You can use standard glue with an
acrylic seal to accurately close the hermetic seal. Sealed fiber optics will benefit from thorough attention to these steps. A hermetically sealed connector will keep your fiber optic or other electric connection safe to use.

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