Well Drilling Explained

Well drilling is the process of making a hole in the ground to facilitate the eradication of a natural resource like brine, groundwater, petroleum, or natural gas. The process is complex and requires the input of professional well drilling services. Learn about the well drilling process from this video.

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A drilled well comprises a hole dug into the ground. A drilled well’s entire depth or upper section is lined with casing. Expert well drilling services company executes the drilling process using a portable machine. Various methods are used to drive the borehole to the desired depth while removing formation components broken up by the fluid circulation, drilling process, or bailing system.

The casing prevents the borehole walls from collapsing while ensuring that subsurface or surface contaminants don’t penetrate the water supply. It also accommodates the plumbing mechanism and the pipe that transports water from the pump to the surface.
A well drilling services company should use excellent quality materials in the construction process for the best results. The casing must meet all specifications and standards. Substandard pipes lack the necessary strength to resist formation and driving collapse pressure. The casing should be made from different steel classes or thermoplastic.

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