Little-Known Facts About Broadcast Radio Equipment

This video explains how broadcast radio equipment is essential to any radio station or company. It helps to transmit and receive information and messages from one place to another. Broadcasting equipment is also necessary for entertainment purposes.

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The following is a list of standard broadcast radio equipment.

Microphones are devices that convert sound into electrical signals. Microphones amplify sound and contribute to its quality by altering its waveform. Microphone stands are wood or metal, depending on how much weight you want to support the microphone. Some professional microphones can be suspended from the ceiling, while others come with a stand.

Audio recorders record speech and music programs. Audio recorders may have built-in microphones and connect directly to a computer sound card or digital recorder. In addition, they may have external mic inputs that connect via mic cables. Some standard broadcast radio equipment has outputs for monitoring.

Video cameras record live broadcasts, live events, studio recordings, and other applications. Video cameras can be analog, digital, or HDTV. Video cameras usually run on batteries or manually operated switches on the back. Wireless microphones work with video cameras using the same cables as analog microphones.

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