Know These Tips For Using Aerial Lifts Safely

If you want to pursue a profession involving aerial lifts and don’t know where to start, stay tuned as you learn some tips for using aerial lifts safely.

1. Are there any requirements to use aerial lifts? Fortunately, OSHA lists no specific training requirement on using the lift.

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However, in a construction site, it is stated that only authorized persons can only operate aerial lifts.

2. Can a person with no experience use an aerial lift? While the OSHA implied no need for specific training when using the lift, only the employer can authorize particular people to do the lift. The employer has to eliminate or control any hazardous situations that may cause injuries or illnesses.

3. OSHA uses industry practices to evaluate aerial lift training. Unless these standards are incorporated or referred to, these standards by ANSI are voluntary. However, in the absence of their regulations, OSHA will turn to ANSI to evaluate the best practices. As a result, they aren’t voluntary.

4. American National Standards Institute or ANSI has a dedicated section devoted entirely to aerial lift training requirements to use an aerial lift safely.

5. What are these aerial training requirements imposed by ANSI? Aerial lift training comes in two parts, theory training, and hands-on training. The theory training can be done through a classroom or online, whereas the hands-on part training program be done with the actual aerial lift.


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