How to Make Sure Your New Home is Safe

Buying a new home is an exciting life experience, especially if it’s the first place you’ve ever owned. It opens up a new chapter of your life and gives your family a place of your own to stay. You might have found a perfect home that is beautiful and a great fit for you family, but there are still some things you might want to do to make sure it’s safe. Environmental consulting and testing can help you to discover any under the surface issues with your home that provide potential problems for you and your family.

Mold Testing and Remediation

It is wise to have your home checked for mold before you move in. You can have this done while you are packing and preparing for the move. There are often times spaces in basements or crawlspaces that you won’t see when walking through a home that could be harboring dangerous black mold. This can make your family sick or even be fatal if there is prolonged exposure, which is why it’s better to have mold remediation performed before you move in.

Asbestos Hazard Evaluation and Sampling

Asbestos is also a potential health hazard that could be hiding in your home. You can have asbestos hazard evaluation and sampling performed before you make the move to be sure that your home is asbestos free. It can cause serious illness over time and isn’t something you want to just sweep under the rug.

Air Quality Testing

You can also have the air quality of your home tested to make sure that there are no major pollutants present. This is a good way to avoid illness as well as a way to find out if there are other problems waiting to be taken care of. The air we breathe can cause a lot of health issues if it’s laced with toxins, so this is a wise step to take for your new home.

Environmental testing on your home before you move in can make a huge difference in your quality of life. It can also help to avoid sickness and even death within your family. Reach out to an environmental testing company near you to have your home thoroughly assessed.

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