Has Preschool Admission Competition Gotten Out of Hand?

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One of the most crucial decisions for your young child?s educational development is choosing the right preschool. Finding the appropriate preschool is becoming more and more competitive. In some cities there are long registration processes as well as waiting lists with hundreds of names. With this new emphasis on preschool education there have been new developments in the curriculum. Many preschools are foregoing the traditional structure to embrace a more academically challenging curriculum. It is now common to see preschool Spanish lessons as part of a larger comprehensive preschool Spanish curriculum for children. There has also been an increased focus on starting math and science education as well. However, these math, science and preschool Spanish lessons can be costly hence driving the preschool market even more. If you are a new parent that is embarking on the preschool search for the first time, the educational landscape can seem almost unnavigable, but there are simple steps that you can take to ensure that your child receives the best education possible.

Outline the Ideal Environment for Your Child

The most important step that you will take will start before you even talk to an administrator. It is important to have a clear idea of what you are looking for in your preschool environment. For example, maybe a curriculum based more on play is important to you as opposed to you. If the school offers foreign languages do you want your child to take preschool Spanish lessons or maybe another language like French. It is also important to take into account distance from your home and the classroom size. Once you have your definitive list of expectations you can start the work of searching out potential preschools. The best first line for insider preschool info is always going to be a currently enrolled or past parent. Better yet, being able to talk to both might give you the best perspective. While there are several preschools with varying levels of prestige the, the most popular ones can sometimes get lazy and rest on the laurels, keep your mind open during your search the name isn?t always everything.

Take Your Time and Do Plenty of Visits

When it comes to something as important as your child?s education, rushing the process will only lead to mistakes that will have to be remedied later, usually at greater expense. As the old adage goes, measure twice and cut once. In this case it might actually be more appropriate to measure three times, before making a decision. Making the best decision takes a lot of leg work. You need to meet with teachers, see classrooms, and do drop in visits to get the best feel of a new preschool. Your list should have several potential choices. This is where your list of expectations is handy, you can check the pros and cons to your ideal preschool.

It is Important to Remember Your Child?s Education Does Not End at School

Even though there is such a large emphasis on learning at school it is important to member that what your child learns while away at school is only a portion of their total learning experience. School is important, children learn essential information, while also learning how to socialize with other individuals form various backgrounds, but after those several hours at school their learning continues at home. If you can?t afford a fancy school with preschool Spanish lessons, you can still teach your child at home. If your school doesn?t offer astronomy in their preschool science curriculum, take your child out at night to star gaze. When it comes down to it, parents are some of the best teachers because they have a vested interest in their children. Don?t forget to give your children the opportunity to learn with their favorite adults.

Looking for your child?s first preschool can be a nerve wracking experience, but the most important thing to remember is that ultimately you are responsible for their education no matter if you can afford the most prestigious academy, the reasonably priced school or the head start program. The more you are able to foster a love for learning and curiosity into your child at home the easier they will thrive, regardless of what school they attend.

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