Daddy Day Care in the Home How Stay at Home Dads Reflect Rapidly Changing Societal Norms

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A lot has changed about the way people use to live and think, especially within the last ten years or so. As with the baby boomer generation and the flower children that were their angsty offspring, today’s generations are more forward thinking and progressive than ever. Even those that align themselves with more conservative political ideologies, religious beliefs, and overall values are more edgy than ever thought acceptable and are really pushing the envelope in terms of boldness.

The new normal consisting of alternative lifestyles, ideas surrounding family and marriage (or lack of marriage), and the need for labels isn’t all that new anymore and is a whole lot closer to just being normal. A great example of this are the way the nuclear family dynamic has morphed into something a lot more new than it may seem clear. With divorce being more acceptable and expected than ever before, step parenting is more than ever. Similarly, the traditional family gender roles of the women staying at home and taking care of the kids while the father goes out to bring home the bacon has done a complete 180 — literally.

Now, it’s not at all uncommon for women to go out into the professional world and earn sizeable livings to support their families, while the man, who would was considered the financially dominant partnter back in the day, stays at home as a form of daddy day care. This family dynamic is seen in both married couples and unmarried couples are monogamously cohabitating. Even the concept of married and why people decide to get married is changing. Less and less people are giving into the societal pressure and beliefs surrounding having a child out of wedlock, so naturally, it’s no surprise that traditional gender roles are also falling to the wayside.

At one time, mother’s were charged with taking care of the home and children, acting as endless supply of domestic femininity and nurturing. Now, with so many women in the workforce and many acting as the bread and bacon winners for their families, the idea of what it is to be a “proper” mother or father has dramatically changed. Many men, both husbands, boyfriends, coparents, and the like, are perfectly content with staying home at and caring for the children while also taking on the upkeep of the home as their female
counterparts support the household financially.

For so long, men were not seen as nurturing or able to provide day care for their children at the home, unless it was in the form of financial assistance. This sentiment is echoed throughout the family court system, with many fathers struggling to be recognized as an equal parent and not simply a means of support. And besides, who says men are equipped with the innate sense of nurturing required to run a one man daddy day care center at home show?

Regardless of whether it’s the mother or the father staying home and caring for the children, there are several benefits to day care in the home. Whether it’s before school care, after school care, a little bit of both or somewhere in between during the day, finding quality, affordable child care is a feat that’s easier said than done. Parents often struggle with being able to find a reputable child care facility that is within their budget, and then of course, there’s the element of trust. After all, this is another person’s child and trusting another person with that responsibility isn’t the easiest thing to do!

As such, many parents feel much more comfortable with having at least one parent in the home to take care of the children. This way, the family gets to stay within the confines of their budget and they can breathe easy knowing that their child will be taken care of in the best way possible. Stay at home dads have carved very own niche within the at home day care world, right alongside stay at home moms. Stay at home parents in general face a fair amount of scrutiny, all of which is silly.

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