Garment Care Tips to Remove Pilling

This video will give you some garment care tips to remove pilling. Having a stylish and well-maintained wardrobe is an excellent way to preserve your confidence and sense of fashion. One of the garment care techniques you can employ to maintain the functionality of your wardrobe is preventing and managing pills.

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Pilling is the formation of tiny entangled balls of fiber on garments due to consistent wearing and washing.

What garment care tips can you employ to remove pilling? Sweater combing is a highly effective technique to remedy pilling. This technique involves placing your garments on a firm, flat surface. You can then steadily run a sweater comb on the top of your garments to remove the pilling. Ensure you periodically remove the extracted fuzz balls from your sweater comb to maintain its functionality.

You can also run a razor or sweater stone down the surface of your garments to remove peeling. However, you must be careful not to cause abrasions on your garments while using these tools. Cutting off the pills using a pair of scissors or cuticle clippers is also effective in removing fuzz balls. Be cautious while applying this method to prevent forming holes in your garments. Clean your clothes with a garment brush after removing the pills.

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