The Process of Replacing Countertops

Replacing countertops is one of the most cost-effective methods of upgrading the kitchen. Get more insights from this video. New countertops give the home a polished and shiny attractive appearance. Before replacing countertops, project managers must collect all the necessary tools and equipment.

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The next step involves taking measurements of the countertops, making materials to be used, and cutting the dimensions of the new countertops. Next, installers must secure the countertop slab to a steady surface using clamps. A pencil or a masking tape will come in handy to facilitate the measuring and cutting lines.
The installer will then use a saw to cut accordingly before filing or sanding the area for a smooth finish. Once the countertop is ready, an installer should lay it over to ensure it fits well. If the fit is satisfactory, the installer can proceed to secure the new countertops by applying manufacturer adhesive or caulk along the cabinet’s top edges. Allow the glue to dry before assessing the project. Where necessary, an installer can faster the countertops to the cabinets using bolts or screws. Various preparations are required before replacing countertops. First, installers should disconnect the water source to the area they are working on. Appliances like the drain trap, the old backsplash, range, extra tiles, and sink should also be removed.

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