4 Back to School Tips for You and Your Preschooler

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If you’re a parent, you either already have or soon will consider the prospect of a preprimary program for your child. These programs are typically organized in a group or class format and are meant to provide educational experiences for children between the ages of three and five. Demand for enrollment in these institutions and organizations has been on a steady rise since the early 90’s, when the percentage of three to five year olds enrolled in preprimary programs was at 59% versus the current 65 percent.

And this increase has been for good reason. Finding the right preschool academic curriculum for your child is key, as a high quality education at this stage has been shown to correlate directly with grade school readiness and beyond.Statistics show that academic preschool programs can contribute to your child’s success far past the classroom. Studies have found that children who did not get a quality preschool education are more likely to drop out of high school, not go to college and get arrested for a violent crime.With this in mind, ensuring your child receives the most from his or her preschool experience is important. Follow these four back to school tips before sending your little one off to their academic preschool activities.

  1. Meet the Teacher and Check out the Classroom Ahead of Time
  2. Even if your child has been to his or her preschool before, small unfamiliar things can be scary. That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of any orientation-type of program(s) the school may offer. This allows your little girl or guy to become acquainted with his or her soon-to-be classroom and teacher, even if it’s for a quick visit. If the school does not offer such an experience, don’t hesitate to ask if you and your child could come in and receive some personalized back to school tips.

  3. Gather All Necessary Gear and Suppliestext
  4. Let’s face it, your preschooler is usually much more concerned with what’s for snacktime or when playtime will be than what kind of shoes they’re wearing or backpack they’re toting. Still, it’s important that you as a parent choose appropriate and practical supplies for them. Some preschools may provide a list of necessary items, which can be helpful to check off during your next back-to-school shopping trip. But if they don’t, use common sense. Your child will likely need a basic backpack to carry papers and a lunchbox for food you send with them. beyond these essentials, clothes that you’re comfortable with them getting messy, but still wearing in public are important as well.

  5. Establish a Solid Morning Routine
  6. Getting out of the house each morning can be a struggle. In fact, it’s almost guaranteed to be at least somewhat stress-inducing. That’s why it’s key to establish a morning routine with your little one as soon as possible once preschool begins. Waking up and going through certain tasks each day at a particular time will allow both you and your child to feel more comfortable and confident before starting your respective days. Plus, it will allow you to get out of the house without feeling crazed.

  7. Encourage Independence and Accept Back-to-School Emotions
  8. Leaving a parental figure(s) for the first time can be a traumatic experience for a young child, and for most children experiencing some separation anxiety when going to preschool is just part of the process. In fact, you as a parent may also experience some feelings of sadness once your child leaves. It’s important to understand that these feelings are normal and to remind yourselves both of the end goal benefits. Talk about the various activities your child will get to do at preschool and ask him or her to describe their days once they come home. Assigning small tasks like choosing their own clothes in the morning can even help your child to feel more ownership over their preschool experience.

These back to school tips are only the beginning of preparing for your child to go to preschool.Combine these and other back to school tips with your own intuition and feedback from your child for a fun, healthy preschool experience for you both.

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