3 Careers in Film That Aren’t Acting

Motion graphics career

Pursuing a career in film often sounds impossible. If you’ve looked at film and theater school graduation rates and stacked them against the number of Hollywood actors that are active today, you’ll notice a huge disparity. But while becoming an actor isn’t always in the cards, there are a number of other film careers to choose from that don’t even require you to be on screen.

If you’re passionate about the Hollywood limelight but are struggling to find where you would fit in, consider some of the following jobs.

  1. Editor: If you learn how to edit videos, you might have a promising motion graphics career. Whether it’s producing CGI effects or cutting frames of a feature length film, the editor plays a huge role in film. This field is highly specialized and technical, and you’d likely work with a team of editors in order to create clean cuts and incredible visual effects, but the reward is so worth it.
  2. Costume and set design: Actors don’t just walk in on the street with a perfect wardrobe. A background in fashion and design is hugely appreciated in the film industry in order to pair outfits with the correct body type, character, and time period. Set design is similar and requires a lot of research to make sure that the set is accurately illustrated, especially in time pieces or in scenes that take place in a different city or country.
  3. Marketing: Film marketing is a huge industry. While it may take a while to reach the top of the list of film marketing executives, there are a number of entry to mid-level jobs that are perfect for recent college graduates or hose looking to change industries. Social media careers are huge right now and are in high demand. When it comes to film marketing, print ads and posters don’t cut it anymore. Film executives want the trailers and ads to be seen seamlessly on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds. Even platforms like Snapchat are experimenting with film ads between stories, begging need for more social media careers.

If you’re interested in any of these jobs, be tactical when it comes to choosing courses for next semester and talk with your advisor about any networking opportunities.

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