When to Call a Varicose Veins Surgeon

A varicose vein surgery may seem like a cosmetic procedure that is not necessary, but that’s not always the case. Keep reading to learn about when you need to call a varicose veins surgeon to help you with your veins.

If you have pain from your varicose veins, you should consider the surgery. You might feel pulsing or swelling in your legs, and this can lead to serious circulatory system issues.

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Ask your primary care physician if you need to consider surgery for this.

You might have vein disease if your veins are discolored. They can be red, dark purple, or thick and hard. You might notice swelling in your legs. This happens because the blood is not returning to the heart. Your doctor might point this out during a regular checkup and refer you to a varicose vein specialist.

Watch this video to learn more about what you need to know about varicose veins. The surgeon in this video explains exactly what treatments can help varicose veins. You should ask for reviews from your surgeon, especially if you did not receive a referral from your doctor. After that, call the office to book your appointment as soon as you can.


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