What You Should Know About Optometrists

Taking care of your eyes is an important step in handling your healthcare. Especially if you need eyeglasses or contacts, you should have a local optometrist that you can schedule an appointment with if you have any issues. Here are some things to know about optometrists and what they do.

An optometrist is able to assign prescriptions. If your eyesight or your child’s eyesight is failing, you will take them to an optometrist and they will have an eye exam.

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This is the only way to get an accurate prescription for glasses or contacts. From there, you can purchase those in-office or go online and buy them with the prescription given to you by an optometrist. Your prescription may change as you age, so it is important to check in with your optometrist from time to time.

They can also handle any illnesses involving eyes like macular degeneration, floaters, or eye cancers. Having an optometrist you can trust is important for this reason. If you run into any issues with your eyes, they will be the best help you can find.

Talk to your primary care doctor if you need help finding an eye doctor. Prioritize your eye health so you can see well into the future.


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