What You Need in a Homeowners Association Website

When you are a part of the homeowners association, you want people to be able to learn about the guidelines for your community. You can only do that with a great website! Keep reading to learn about what you need on a homeowners association website.

The first thing is to make the website easy to use. Without that, your neighbors will be confused and unable to learn more about the community.

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You should also make aesthetics a priority. You want your website to look just as beautiful as the neighborhood. Don’t skimp on making your website beautiful and intuitive for all users.

You’ll still need a system for collecting checks, but try not to make that at the forefront. You want people to be drawn in by the website, and putting that front and center can turn people off. Make it a navigation tab at the end of your header. You can even leave links to it throughout the content so people know where to find it but are not bombarded with it.

Watch this video to learn more about homeowners association websites. It will give you some great insight into how you can make your new website.


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