What Is a Rusch Catheter?

The Rusch Catheter Kit is a pre-lubricated closed system catheter that includes a soft silicone introducer tip coated with non-allergenic, water-soluble lubricant for easy insertion. The catheter has recessed and polished eyelets so it assures a smooth glide passage through the urethra. The self-contained urine collection bag eliminates the need for separate containers, thus reducing the risk of spillage and allowing for ease of disposal. Also available in hydrophilic, coudé, soft, red rubber, and female options.

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Rusch is a brand of catheters made and distributed by Teleflex. Sometimes you will see, “Rusch Teleflex” on the box of catheters, other times it will simply say, “Rusch”. There is no difference in quality.

A closed system catheter kit is when the catheter is integrated inside of a collection bag. The catheter is sterile and pre-lubricated with a hydrophilic coating. The closed system is designed with an “introducer tip” which is a tip that is inserted into the urethra so when the catheter bypasses through the introducer tip the catheter avoids the first section of the urethra which has the highest level of bacteria. This helps drastically cut down on the number of bacteria that is carried from the catheter tip to the bladder.

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