What Does a Septic Tank Pumping Company Do?

In urban cities across the United States, waste gets pumped from homes through sewer systems to the city’s central sewage treatment plant. On the other hand, homeowners living in rural areas can only rely on septic tank installations for their sewage disposal. The septic system pumps the waste, both liquid and solid, coming from the house through pipes that ultimately lead to a tank underground.

Septic tank pumping companies can help ensure that your system works as expected. But how exactly do septic systems work, and what are ways of draining them properly?

Whether wastewater flows naturally or with the help of an electric pump, it usually exits a property through a piping system. The raw sewage contained in the septic tank separates into two layers.

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The liquid, grease, and oils remain on top while the solids settle at the bottom of the tank.

Once the tank becomes full, the sludge remaining on top flows through nanostructured pipes to a drainage system. The drain field has gravel and other aggregates to aid in the displacement of the liquid waste. As the liquid waste is pulled by gravity downward, bacterial action kills the pathogenic organisms before reaching groundwater resources.

In this informative video by KerkstraSeptic, you’ll learn about the various things to expect when hiring the services of septic tank pumping companies. You’ll also see the detailed procedures involved in septic tank cleaning.


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