What Do Ear Nose and Throat Doctors Do?

When you have an issue in your ear, nose, or throat, you might be referred to another doctor by your primary care physician (PCP). Keep reading to learn more about what ear nose and throat doctors do.

Ear infections are commonly treated by PCPs, but if they become routine, you might see an ENT to help fix the issue. They can help diagnose why you’re having the issue repeatedly.

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You might be put on a treatment plan, or you might need to get x-rays.

These doctors also care for cancers in the ear, nose, and throat areas. They have experience diagnosing these specific diseases. An ENT, board-certified surgeon will work with you through this, along with an oncologist.

They also handle patients who suffer from sleep disorders. They can help you if you have apnea, and you might need surgery or a sleeping apparatus if you do. Call your doctor to get a referral for an ENT if you struggle with sleeping through the night because of snoring.

Watch this video to hear from an ENT. She goes through the responsibilities she has, and the reason she decided to become an ENT. These are the best doctors to help with specific illnesses or injuries in your ear, nose, or throat.


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