What Catholic Schools Must Change to Stay Open

Catholic educations are well known for high graduation rates, great sports teams, and providing an education that is on point with parents’ religious beliefs. Catholic schools enjoy a graduation rate of about 99% with about 86% of those graduates going on to a four-year college. Catholic schools are tuition-based schools, which can result in tuition tax credit. The class size is smaller in private schools and the community is tighter. All of it sounds great, so why has enrollment dipped greatly over the last decade or two?

Many of these schools are struggling to stay open because of the low enrollment. What do these schools need to do to overcome the problems?

This video from PBS investigates the changes that catholic schools need to make to up enrollment. Watch this video to learn what problems these schools are facing and what are some of the steps that can be taken to overcome low enrollments and get people interested once again in catholic education for their children. Watch this video now for a unique look at the problems these schools are facing.

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