What Are Different Power Cords For?

This video discusses different types of power cords, how they work, and what makes them beneficial for a person to use. Adaptors allow people who are working on projects to use the power cords they need without worry or hassle. They can use the adaptors to quickly convert the cords and receive the power they need for their projects.

Video Source

The C14 C15 power cord adaptor options are the two that the speaker talks about the most. He talks about the C14 to C15 power adaptor, which is a piece that allows someone to convert a C13 power cord to a C15 power cord. It has a C14 connector on one side and a C15 connector on the other side. The adaptor is also rated at 15 amps at 50 volts. It’s advertised as a quick and easy solution to cable projects.

The video is an advertisement for a company that offers a wealth of other products for cables and connections. It displays the phone number of the company so that interested parties can contact the representatives to inquire about the items they need for their projects. Interested parties can reach out to receive information on products and affordable pricing to obtain those products.

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