Understanding the Relational Process

If you’re going through a divorce, then you might have difficulty communicating with your former spouse. This is why the relational method is a good option to consider. To learn more about the relational process and its benefits, keep reading.

This is a great way divorcing couples or divorced couples can navigate decisions about their children. You never want to involve your children in your arguments, which is why you need to try everything you can.

This is a method that focuses on restorative justice and focuses on holding parents accountable for affecting their children. It’s less about getting revenge or identifying the better parent, and more about making the situation better for all involved.

One question you can solve by using this method is, how will you tell your kid about the divorce? One parent may believe that their method is better, but it’s more important to focus on the child. What will make them more comfortable? How can everyone’s feelings be considered?

To learn more about this method and its applications, watch the video in this article. It’s a great resource for more information about the relational method. Then, call your divorce lawyer to talk to them about putting this into practice.


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