Tips For Door Security In Your Home Or Business

The steps and safety measures you can take to protect your home from break-ins and theft. You may need to hire a door locksmith

  • Door Security: Installing an electronic deadbolt on your front door will help the door to auto-lock after being open for some time.
  • Door Frames: If the door strikes are secured with little screws, replace those with three and a half to four-inch screws, and properly secure deadbolts, doorknobs, and hinges to the door frames.
  • Reinforce the frame with a door wrap that covers the section where the deadbolt is fixed to distribute force against the entire plate.
  • Improve the strength of the deadbolts in the lever or doorknob that you have. Use grade 2 door hardware, which has stronger materials
  • Buy grade 2 and grade 1 door hardware, which has anti-bump protection (type of lock intrusion).
  • Install a half deadbolt which works the same as a regular deadbolt on the inside of the home but no keyhole on the outside of the home. This helps to protect the deadbolt from being bumped or picked.

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  • Add a third deadbolt to distribute force that makes it hard for someone to break in. Hire a door locksmith for professional installation
  • Prevent lock bumping by securing a thumb turn that spins on the inside of your home with a latch. It limits any working key to get into the hole, making it hard to pick or bump the door locks


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