Tips for Choosing the Right Document Shredding Services for You

Companies such as law firms, medical institutions, educational facilities, and credit services often have large amounts of sensitive data that will need to be destroyed. This video goes over document shredding services and how to choose the right one. Document shredding services should be able to do the job on-site or off-site depending on the client’s needs.

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Witnessing document destruction on-site adds a layer of security and builds confidence that no one can access the data.
Documents should be shredded in a closed-off area using a professional-grade cross-cutting machine, making it impossible to piece the shreds back together. The service should also be able to dispose of other media such as hard drives safely. Adherence to the law is important, and they should provide certification that the data is destroyed. Document shredding services should also be environmentally conscious to avoid improper disposal of the vast amounts of paper and other material they destroy. Finally, every step of the shredding process should be secure; a good document shredding service will ensure that any possible leakages are sealed.

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