Three Things You Absolutely Need to Become a Tattoo Artist

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Being a tattoo artist seems like a pretty cool job, but it’s not for everyone. There are a certain set of skills and special knowledge that successful tattoo artists have. If you’re considering becoming a tattoo artist, here are three things you’ll absolutely need.

1. A Creative Mind
One of the most essential things you need if you want to become a tattoo artist is a creative mind. Part of being one is designing tattoos, on different people, on different parts of bodies, in different colors, so having the right mind to do it is very important. You’ll need to be able to give a client what he or she asks for in a good design and color, while still keeping in mind what works through the medium and what doesn’t (as far as the capabilities, lifetime, and look of a tattoo).

2. To Complete an Apprenticeship
Another thing you need if you want to be a tattoo artist is to have completed a tattoo apprenticeship. These are often offered by tattoo schools, which teach fundamentals about the trade and where people learn how to tattoo. Many tattoo studios will not hire anyone who has not completed an apprenticeship, and since there are a number of technical and safety guidelines that tattoo artists need to know, it’s essential to get proper training.

3. Attention to Detail
In addition to a creative mind and to have completed an apprenticeship, anyone who wants to become a tattoo artist must be able to pay attention to detail. From safety precautions to assembling tattooing equipment, to design, there are a number of different processes that go into a single tattoo, all of which must be paid attention to, since a person’s health and the quality of a permanent tattoo may suffer otherwise.

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