The Various Types of Boat Docks and Seawalls

Deciphering all the different kinds of seawalls can be complicated. RedVectorOnline provides simple explanations of the many kinds of seawalls, and their strengths and weaknesses.

There are two main types of seawalls; protected and unprotected. An unprotected wall would be facing a large body of water such as the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. Some examples of protected walls are anything along a riverbank, canal, or any body of water that has a low potential for the wind to create waves.

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One such seawall gaining popularity is the corrugated PVC. It’s highly resistant to any type of corrosion and is a top choice for seawall construction. Other kinds include stone walls (used for calm water only), aluminum (can oxidize in saltwater), and galvanized steel (brackish water can corrode it).

To construct a seawall, the panels have to be hammered into place with heavy construction equipment. Further stability is ensured with the use of anchoring posts called “dead-men,” and they are attached to the seawall panels via metal attachments known as “tie rods.”

Before contacting a dock building contractor to make the ideal seawall, it helps to know which kinds are available.

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