The role of private daycares in early childhood happiness

Daycare centers play a pivotal role in nurturing your child’s joy by offering diverse programs and engaging activities tailored for young minds. But how exactly do they help your child’s happiness? Daycares offer a range of special activities that can really boost your child’s mood and well-being.

Smaller Program Sizes

Public childcare programs may have hundreds of children in each facility. That’s a lot in one space! However, a private nursery school provides smaller classes for your children. Smaller classes are better because they help your little one get more attention from their teacher and minimize personal conflicts.

Emotional Support

Smaller private daycares provide more emotional support for children. If your child suffers separation anxiety, that emotional support can help them stay happier. The teachers at toddler programs have all the training needed to soothe children during difficult times. They will be a source of emotional guidance, ensuring students are developing their emotions properly. Perhaps that’s why, according to, 10% of all American children attend private schools!

Behavior Education

Let’s be blunt here: not all children behave well away from their parents. At a young age, their behaviors can be unpredictable. Thankfully, private daycare facilities provide toddler programs for behavior issues. Because not every child reacts the same way to preschool, these programs are essential.

Kindergarten Prep

You might remember kindergarten as your most fun year in school. You get to play with new friends, practice new skills, and get a free nap in the middle of the day. However, some students struggle in kindergarten. Thankfully, childcare centers can help little ones prepare for kindergarten more successfully.

Socialization Skills

Can you guess what children struggle with the most in kindergarten? It’s not math, reading, or science, but proper behavior! Students, struggling with such a new environment, may not be able to handle these new emotions. A private preschool facility with toddler programs can teach proper socialization skills and improve their transition.

Friendly Interactions With Adults

There are countless children out there who haven’t had the chance to interact with adults other than their parents. A pre-K program will give your child the chance to engage with adults in a safe, friendly, and educational environment. This will set your child up for future success as they will be used to being around adults who aren’t their parents.

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